Technicolor Carousel Horses

At Makely School for Girls, Lindsay came up with a fun solution for making a dated collection relevant and ready for display.  The collection?  Carousel horse figurines that her mother used to collect, back in the 80’s.

Makely School for Girls ceramic carousel horses

Lindsay rescued the collection of carousel horses when she realized her mom was packing them up for a Goodwill donation.  “They were a part of my childhood, and now my three-year old Emma loved looking at them at my parents’ house before they moved.  I couldn’t bear for them to be given away,” Lindsay confesses, explaining why she brought them to her own home.  The only trouble with this sentimental gesture is that Lindsay’s home is anything but pastel.  Her solution was to unscrew the horses from their bases and give them each a coat of glossy spray paint in colors that are part of her decor.  Now, the brightly colored horses have a new home, proudly displayed in Emma’s bedroom.

Makely School for Girls painted ceramic carousel collectibles

Get more details on these rescued collectibles at Makely School for Girls.

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