Skateboard Wall Art

“When my 16 year old son asked if he could borrow my sander, I had to check out what he was up to,” says Sharon from I Restore Stuff.  She was delighted to discover that he had independently decided to turn an old skateboard into a work of art for his room.

I Restore Stuff old skateboard

To get the look he was going for, Sharon’s son had removed the wheels from the skateboard.  He sanded away the painted finish until the wood underneath was completely exposed.  Sharon showed him how to apply Miss Mustard Seed’s Hemp Oil do deepen the wood tone.  Her son threaded twine through the holes in the board where the wheels had been, creating a simple criss-cross design, along with a way to hang up the skateboard.  Hung on the chalkboard wall in his room, this skateboard art is perfect for a teen boy’s room!

I Retore Stuff sanded skateboard wall art

Get more details on this project by visiting I Restore Stuff.

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