Rusty Metal Tea Carts Get a Second Chance

Dena from Hearts & Sharts was delighted to discover two metal tea carts in her great grandmother’s house.  Both were rusted beyond belief, but still sturdy, so she decided to rescue them.


Knowing the rust was going to be a problem, Dena got some tips from one of the guys in the paint section at her local hardware store.  You’ll have to click over to Dena’s blog to find out which product he recommended, but she tells us, “Not only does it cover the rust and prime, it also levels out those uneven surfaces caused by the rust!”  After priming, she finished off the carts in bright, fun colors of spray paint.  Tea, anyone?


Go to Hearts & Sharts to find out more about the special primer she used and see pictures of the other tea cart.

RoadKill Rescue

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