Rusted Bench Gets a Second Chance

“Once upon a time, this was a beautiful bench,” says Tara at Suburble.  “I was pretty thrilled to have found it in a sale at a local decor store. I packed it up, brought it home…and let Mother Nature wreak havoc on it for years.”  She was almost ready to put this baby in the scrap bin, but an opportunity to test some new paint changed her mind.

Suburble rusty bench

Tara put on a mask for the first step of this makeover, sanding down the rusty bench.  After sanding, she primed the bench.  Then, she applied Modern Metals Copper Reactive Metallic paint.  I’ll let Tara explain the next step, which is pretty awesome.  She says, “I applied a second coat of the reactive paint on the top of my now-dry first coat. After about three minutes – while the paint was still wet – I sprayed the Blue Patina Aging Solution onto the bench.”  The aging solution reacted with the copper metallic paint, creating a beautiful patina similar to vintage, weathered copper (think Statue of Liberty).  It’s a lovely, aged finish that won’t give anyone tetanus–awesome!

Suburble rusty bench painted turquoise

Go to Suburble to get more information on how Tara used specialized paints to rescue this old bench.

RoadKill Rescue

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