Blue No More: A Buffet Makeover

When Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof first moved into her current home, she loved the pretty periwinkle blue of the buffet/entertainment center in their living room.  “And it is still a really pretty color. But it does not work well with navy blue or gray or kelly green,” Jenna notes, the colors that she’s gravitated to in her current decor.


Since Jenna felt like her living room couldn’t handle any more navy or green, she decided to apply another favorite color to the buffet: red.  Since she didn’t feel like dealing with sanding down this piece of furniture, either, Jenna went with a shade of red known as Devotion from the Country Chic line of chalk paints.  If you notice, she changed the color of the hardware from black, to gold, as well.  The new look for this buffet looks fantastic!


Click over to Rain on a Tin Roof to find out more about this buffet makeover.


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