Pallet Project: Bathtub Tray

Not only did Alex Haralson come up with a way to repurpose a shipping pallet for this project, she made a gift her dad loved!  Always awesome when a rescue multi-tasks, right?


“My dad has a claw foot tub and he takes bath ALL the time,” Alex explains.  Knowing how much he likes soaking in the tub, she figured he could use a tray that would fit across his tub and keep things like movies and hot chocolate out of the water.  To make the tray, Alex cut apart a wood pallet to be the right size for her dad’s bathtub.  After nailing the boards so they would fit tightly together, she finished off the tray with a dark stain.  It looks great and functions perfectly!


Visit Alex Haralson to get all the details on how to make a bathtub tray like this one from a pallet.

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6 thoughts on “Pallet Project: Bathtub Tray

    1. Thanks Karen, it is super simple to make and really can be made to fit any size tub. Let me know if you have any questions, so glad you liked the tray!

  1. That looks awesome, like something that should be featured in This Old House magazine! I’d still be scared to have my electronics that close to the water though….I wouldn’t trust my clumsy arms.

    1. That’s so sweet Amy Jo! I would be a little nervous to have my electronics around water too, but my dad (who I made this for) will more than likely use it to watch movies – lol. I made sure to make it wide enough the computer would have lots of room on either side.

    2. Ha! I’d be a little nervous, too. Guess it takes practice, right? I’d love to have time to soak in the tub and watch a movie, though.

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