That’s a Wrap! Outdoor Table Makeover

At Burlap & Blue, Linda had a small outdoor table that was badly in need of a makeover.  You know the type–sturdy iron framework bent into curlique shapes, with a glass table top?  Well, picture all of that without the glass, because the tabletop was missing.


After finding it at the thrift shop a while back, Linda had painted the table a bright, pretty blue, and her husband had cut a piece of wood to replace the missing glass.  It was functional, but Linda decided to take the makeover a notch or two further up the style charts.  She found a gorgeous piece of wrapping paper and literally wrapped it around the table top, coating it with outdoor grade Mod Podge.  What a great new look!


Click over to Burlap & Blue to learn more about the steps Linda took to perfectly execute this new look.

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