Dumpster Diving Produced This Gorgeous Bookshelf

“Do you know how THRILLING it is to find something decent in or around a dumpster?” asks Karen at Redoux Interiors.  She found this black bookshelf in a dumpster.  It was actually pretty good looking, but didn’t have any shelves.

Redoux Interiors dumpster found black shelf

To give this bookshelf a second chance, Karen started by giving it a thorough cleaning with TSP.  She cut four new shelves from MDF she already had on hand.  Karen removed the back and used spray adhesive to apply a pretty floral fabric to it.  She painted the bookshelf in the color Vermont Slate, from Cece Caldwell chalk paint, and sealed the entire piece in Cece Caldwell Endurance.  “I usually have a pretty good vision of how it will look when I am finished.  This time, the finished product looked so much better than I ever imagined,” Karen says.  It’s really beautiful!

Redoux Interiors gray shelf gray floral interior

Go to Redoux Interiors to see more pictures of this beautifully styled bookshelf makeover.



  2. DumpsterCo says:

    You’re kidding! I cannot believe you found something that nice in a dumpster! I need to look around more

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