Vintage Luggage from a Cutie Crate

Holly blogs at The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide.  Recently, she challenged herself to upcycle one of the the small wooden boxes that Cutie clementine oranges are packaged in.

Cocnut Head's Survival Guide cutie orange box

For this upcycle, Holly was inspired by the entryway table she has that is made from a vintage suitcase.  She decided to turn the cutie box into a basket that looks like a suitcase, where her family could drop keys and other small items as they came in the door.  Holly covered the outside of the box with pleather in a pale shade.  She trimmed the edges of the box with dark brown velvet, which resembled leather.  She attached metal hardware similar to the hardware on her actual vintage suitcase.  Now, the former produce box really does look like the bottom of a suitcase, and is a perfect container for the “door clutter”, as Holly calls it.  Nifty!

Cocnut Head's Survival Guide produce box faux vintage luggage

Click over to The Coconut Head’s Survival Guide to read all about this fun upcycle project.

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