Adorable Scrap Wood Picture Frames

Juggling Act Mama shared these darling picture frames made by Katie from View From The Fridge.  Katie came up with an inexpensive and fun way to make them out of scrap wood.


To create the frames, Katie cut different lengths from popular board leftover from installing new trim in her house.  She used simple dowels in the back of the pieces of wood to keep them upright.  Pretty pieces of scrapbooking paper decoupaged onto the wood added color and pattern.  Katie attached clips and clothespins onto the wood to hold pictures, so that they can be easily switched out.  Super cute!


Get all the details on how to make these frames at Juggling Act Mama.

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9 thoughts on “Adorable Scrap Wood Picture Frames

  1. Great idea with the dowel to hold the frame up. I’m wondering what other options there are to make this stand up. They are super cute and would make great presents too.

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