Charms for a Winter’s Evening Party

Krista from The Happy Housie had a great idea this year for keeping track of guest’s glasses at her wintertime gatherings.  “It can be pretty tough to keep track of your wine glass at big dinners and events,” she acknowleges, “You put it down for a second to do something and suddenly there are three other wine glasses that look exactly the same as yours!”  To overcome this problem, she made drink charms.

The Happy Housie wood slices before

Drink charms are little objects that can be easily slipped over a wine glass stem, to help party guests identify their own glasses or goblets.  Krista crafted hers from wood slices.  She had her husband cut the ones she used out of branches from their yard, but says you can find these at craft stores, too.  She drilled a small hole in each slice before painting one side with chalkboard paint.  Then Krista strung some jewelry wire through each slice and added a jewelry clasp to each one, so the charms could be easily taken on and off the glasses.  She used a chalk pen to write numbers on hers, but mentions that you could write names or initials, too.   So charming!

The Happy Housie wood slices after

Visit The Happy Housie to get all the details on this project.

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