Organizing Electronics with a Vintage Toolbox

At The Happy Housie, Krista had a thrift shop find that had been languishing in her garage for months.  She’d originally brought it home for bedroom decor, but when her decorating scheme went in another direction, she didn’t have a use for it.  Recently, Krista realized that the toolbox could be a solution for a common household problem:  corralling electronics.

The Happy Housie vintage tool box before

“All of those spaghetti-noodle cords on our counter all the time were causing me some major stress,” says Krista.  The tool box had a nifty little pull-out tray that could divide the top from the bottom of the storage area.  Krista had her husband drill a few holes in the tray and the bottom of the box.  Now a power strip lies discreetly in the bottom half.  Up above, the electronics that need to be charged sit in the pull out tray, their cords slip away down through the small holes to the power strip below.  “And the metal is magnetic (obviously) so I can even clip up cute little inspirational photos and cards using magnets,” Krista points out happily.  It’s a fantastic addition to the family command center.  Awesome!

The Happy Housie vintage tool box after

You can click over to The Happy Housie to get more details on this vintage toolbox repurposed into a charging station.

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