Tossed Table Makeover

“When I spotted the neighbor putting a perfectly good wooden dining room table on the curb… the wheels started turning!” Candace confesses at Vintage News Junkie.  

Vintage News Junkie table before

When she first spotted this table, it really didn’t look like much.  Along with the usual wear and tear, the table was a dated hunter green with a pine finished tabletop.  After taking the table apart, Candace sanded down the tabletop, then stained it using Rustoleum Dark Walnut.  Next, she painted the rest of the table with white paint, followed by a light sanding to rough it up a bit.  Some of the green from the original paint color shows through, which is a really nice touch.  The new look for this table means it’s going to be enjoyed for any more years.  Great job!

Vintage News Junkie table after

Visit Vintage News Junkie to learn more about this project.


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