Tossed Sewing Bench Gets a New Lease on Life

Over at Eve of Reduction, Cristin tells us, “My neighbor tipped me off that he was throwing some stuff out. So like the discreet garbage picker I am, I walked over to his curb at 11PM with a flashlight.”  She was delighted to discover this sturdy sewing bench with a handy storage compartment.

Eve of Reduction sewing bench before

The thing this bench needed the most was new upholstery.  Cristin peeled off three layers of fabric.  She had a pretty piece of upholstery fabric leftover from another project that she decided to use.  She used wire nails to attach the fabric to the seat.  New upholstery combined with a good cleaning turned this bench into a useful and beautiful piece of furniture that Cristin will be able to enjoy in her home.  Isn’t that fabric awesome?

Eve of Reduction sewing bench after

Find out more about this sewing bench rescue at Eve of Reduction.

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