Tick Tock…It’s a Pallet Wood Clock

Over at Designed Decor, DeDe has been working on taking apart the pallets she had stashed in her backyard.  “The pallets I had were pretty beat up and a lot of the boards were not in good shape, so I just cut them, and had a bunch of 12 to 18 inch boards,” she tells us.  Faced with a pile of short boards to reuse, Dede came up with this clock project.

Designed Decor clock before

A metal clock face that she had picked up years ago at a garage sale seemed like the perfect thing to combine with the weathered wood.  Dede crafted a circle out of several of the boards, for the base of the clock.  She stained the wood with Minwax Color Wiping Stain and Finish in Onyx.  She spray painted the metal clock parts so that they would be silver, a really nice contrast against the dark, weathered pallet wood.  The new clock is a really fresh and modern.

Designed Decor clock after

Visit Designed Decor to get all the details on this clock made from wood pallets.

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