One Friend’s Trash is Another Friend’s Treasure

“A few months ago when I spotted a beat up little table, apparently ready to be discarded on a friend’s porch, I just had to ask about the little table’s future,” says Joan from Nicer Than New.  Her friend replied that as far as she was concerned, the table was garbage, so Joan could have it if she wanted it.  Score!

Nicer Than New table before

The table was pretty weatherbeaten, but Joan loved the details.  Sanding the table revealed a treasure:  beautiful walnut wood grain!  Wanting to preserve some of the lovely wood, she decided to go with a two-tone finish.  Joan stained the top and the lower shelf with her favorite walnut stain, then mixed up a batch of light blue chalkpaint for the rest of the table.  She was delighted with the outcome, especially considering how great it looks with her living room rug!

Nicer Than New table after

Visit Nicer Than New to find out more about this side table makeover.

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