Pretty Candle Holder for Valentine’s Day

Curly Made shares a really great Valentine’s Day decoration that makes use of any glass jar you might have around.  In fact, that jar of spaghetti sauce you have in the cupboard is perfect for this, so cook of some spaghetti tonight so you can make a candle holder like this tomorrow!


For this craft, Curly Made removed the label and residue from a glass jar.  She made her own heart shaped stickers from tape, and applied them to the jar.  Next, she painted the glass using matte black spray paint.  When the paint was dry, she peeled the stickers off, which left clear heart shapes on the jar.  These hearts were outlined with dashed lines–for a stitched effect–using a white paint pen.  With a candle inside and a festive red ribbon around the top, this votive holder is ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a warm glow.

Curly Made votive jar after

Visit Curly Made to watch a video tutorial for this project.

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