Old Ride Gets a New Vibe

Have you ever got a space decorated just so, and then the realities of life take over–which for many of us include multi-colored plastic toys.  Carrie from Lovely Etc. knows what I’m talking about.  She was thrilled to find a little push car that her small son would love, but tells us there was just one small problem: it was ugly.  “I am not delusional enough to think my thirteen month old could care less whether his toys are cute or not,” she laughs, “but I know this thing is going to be hanging around our family room for many months.”

Lovely Etc. push car before

The solution to Carrie’s dilemma came in the form of a couple cans of spray paint.  She covered the tires with plastic bags, since she wanted them to stay black.  Then, Carrie sprayed thew whole car down with plastic primer.  After priming, she sprayed chrome colored spray paint over the entire car.  Once that had dried, she covered the parts of the car she wanted the chrome finish on, and sprayed the rest with a cool oxford blue.  Carrie was pleased that she was able to use spray paint leftover from other projects for this makeover.  Now, both Carrie and her little boy have a toy that makes them happy!

Lovely Etc. push car after

Learn more about this toy makeover at Lovely Etc.

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