Old Art Turned Into Love Note

At Diary of a Crafty Lady, Lindsay says she and her husband recently celebrated a milestone anniversary.  “I found some old wooden picture frames on the side of the road a while back, and have been using them for various projects,” she tells us.  When she needed an anniversary gift, Lindsay decided to make something for him using one of the frames.

Diary of a Crafty Lady frame before

Lindsay selected a big frame with a rustic feel.  She pulled out the artwork inside so that she had a nice, blank frame to work with.  Then Lindsay cut up some cheap wood so that it would fit in the frame with a bit of overlap in the back.  Next, she says, “I stained/painted it and tried to make it match the color of the frame a bit more.”  Once she’d fit the stained wood back inside the frame, Lindsay made a stencil of a cute love note she composed herself, and painted it onto the wood.  ” It now hangs on the wall in my bedroom, a fun reminder on the wall every day of how important my sweetheart is to me,” Lindsay gushes.

Diary of a Crafty Lady frame after

If you’d like to turn a sweet love note of your own into art, visit Diary of a Crafty Lady to get more details.

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