Twig Heart Trivet

At Stow & Tell U, Amy used twigs from her yard to craft some neat things during the Christmas holidays.  She had so much fun then, she decided there was no reason she couldn’t have more fun with twigs for Valentine’s Days.  After all, there were plenty of twigs just sitting in the woodpile, waiting to be used for kindling.

Stow and Tell U twigs before

For this project, Amy suggests using twigs that are about the size of a pencil in diameter and are more straight than crooked.  Before she works with her own pile of twigs, she put them in the oven for a few minutes to chase out and kill any bugs they might be harboring.  Next, Amy cut a cute heart shape out of cardboard and painted it a fun shade of red.  The last step was breaking the twigs to fit and gluing them onto the heart shaped cardboard.  Now, the twigs are a cute heart-shaped trived, perfect for serving hot dishes to your sweetheart on a cold winter day!

Stow and Tell U twig trivet after

Visit Stow & Tell U to get complete directions for this twig trivet.

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