Grandma’s Hutch Gets a Makeover

Every so often when I feature painted furniture here, the furniture police show up, ready to make arrests because an original finish just got covered up with paint.  My attitude about this is expressed very well by Sam from The Junk House, when she explains why she decided to paint the hutch she’d inherited from her grandmother.  “At first I was hesitant to paint over such a nice piece, but I know that my grandma would prefer I paint it and enjoy it rather than give it away because it didn’t fit my style or begrudgingly keep it out of obligation.”  If paint keeps a perfectly useful piece of furniture out of the junkyard, go for it!

The Junk House hutch before

In Sam’s case, she knew this hutch would better suit her style if it was painted a creamy white.  She was able to separate the top and bottom of the hutch, which made the job a little easier.  After sanding and priming the piece, she used Dove White by Valspar for the top coat.  “I’m really happy with the color,” Sam tells us.  “It’s not stark white, but nice and creamy without any blue/green/purple/yellow tint.”  She painted over all of the hardware with Rustoleum Paint + Primer in Oil-Rubbed Bronze.  It looks really beautiful!

The Junk House hutch after

Visit The Junk House to read more about this rescue.

RoadKill Rescue

6 thoughts on “Grandma’s Hutch Gets a Makeover

  1. Hey, I’m a member of the Paint Police but dang if you didn’t make this a “new” wonderful piece. I only oppose painting rarer pieces anyways.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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