Giving Laminate Furniture New Life with Paint

Over at Meatloaf and Melodrama, Dee had two laminate shelves on either side of her television that were functioning fine as they were.  Dee’s one big objection to them was that due to the sheen and color of the laminate, they were dust magnets!  Despite frequent dusting, they always looked like they needed to be dusted again!

Meatloaf & Melodrama laminate shelf before

Dee decided that painting the laminate shelves would be a change for the better.  She started by lightly sanding each shelf.  She wanted the end result to look like old, weatherbeaten wood, so when Dee began painting with a paint/primer combo, she used very rough strokes.  Just a light coat using this brushing technique resulted in a worn finish that resembles driftwood.  Now, the laminate furniture no longer shows every speck of dust, and Dee’s really happy with the new look!

Meatloaf & Melodrama laminate shelf after

Learn more about this laminate shelf rescue at Meatloaf and Melodrama.

RoadKill Rescue

2 thoughts on “Giving Laminate Furniture New Life with Paint

  1. Hi Beckie,

    Thanks so much for featuring the bookshelves! I loved them so much that I painted the TV stand too–looks so much better this way and no dust! Ha Ha. Have a great week!

    Dee 🙂

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