Freebie Finds Make a Cool Clock

“I love trolling freecycle and the free section of craig’s list to see what people no longer need and then see if I can make something cool out of it.  For this project, 2 freecycle scores collided,” says Beth at Pickles in My Tea & in My Soup.

Pickles In My Tea & In My Soup clock before

The free finds that make up this project were a free clock that worked, but wasn’t very exciting, and a bunch of embroidery floss.  To jazz up this clock, Beth popped the glass front off of it, and temporarily removed the frame.  Next, she wrapped the floss around the frame, creating stripes of many colors and shapes.  Finished, the colorful clock goes perfectly beside Beth’s collection of hoop art!  What a fun project.

Pickles In My Tea & In My Soup clock after

Learn more about how Beth crafted this multi-color clock at Pickles in My Tea & in My Soup.


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