Extreme Home Makeover Dollhouse Edition

At Upcycle Addict, Sherry took on a challenge:  restore the dollhouse made by her daughter’s grandfather for a new generation–her granddaughters!

Upcycle Addict dollhouse before

The dollhouse had definitely seen better days when Sherry acquired it.  Sherry pulled out all the old flooring and gave it a new coat of paint indoors and out.  She painted the doors, shutters, and shingles black to give it more of a colonial farmhouse look.  She used Christmas tree lights to create lighting inside the house. Sherry created a stand for the dollhouse, so that it would be just the right height for her granddaughters to stand and play.  The final touch was adding decor and furnishings to the inside of the house.  As you can imagine, the little girls were thrilled with their new dollhouse!

Upcycle Addict dollhouse after

Visit Upcycle Addict to get all the details on this dollhouse makeover.

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