Craft Fail Becomes Craft Success with Washi Tape

We all have them:  projects that somewhere along the line of executing our vision just seem to fall short.  That was the case with this moleskin notebook that Thalita from The Learner Observer was working on.  She assumed that she could dress up the plain black notebook with stripes from a permanent gold marker.  Well, the stripes bled underneath the tape Thalita was using, and she was left with a hot mess.

The Learner Observer craft fail before washi tape

Trying to remedy the situation, Thalita colored over the messy black stripes with her gold marker so that the whole thing could be gold.  It was only a slight improvement.  By this time, the notebook was soooo far beyond what she’d thought it was going to look like.  “And this is so not something I could have just thrown away, I mean I paid like $26 for this bad boy!” Thalita confesses.  “I needed to salvage it.”  That’s when she thought of her washi tape stash.  Thinking that it couldn’t get much worse, she grabbed a few rolls and got busy.  And guess what?  It worked!  “If this hadn’t been a complete failure with the gold Sharpie, the washi tape wouldn’t have looked good,” Thalita says.  “On the black, the tape would have looked too dark.  The gold actually makes it work! ”  Way to go!

The Learner Observer craft fail after washi tape

Find out more about this rescued craft fail at The Learner Observer.


  1. Thank you SO much for posting about my failure fixed with washi tape! I love, love, love how totally sweet you are!

    • I’m always excited to share how a few tweaks can give something a second chance. You did a great job with this!

  2. Good save! It looks great.

  3. this is awesome because 1. it’s just a fun craft/project idea and 2.we all like seeing that other people’s projects sometimes go south as well! haha :) thanks for sharing!

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