What’s Black and White and Read All Over?

When Kareny from The Salvaged Boutique spotted this chair sitting curbside on trash pickup day, she had no idea of the adventure that was ahead.  She simply took it home, and decided that the black scrap of fabric she had would make a new seat if she just painted the wood parts of the chair white.

The Salvaged Boutique decoupaged chair after

Easier said than done!  Karen sanded and primed the chair, but when she tried to paint a topcoat of white, the paint turned into a drippy, gloppy mess.  She was forced to rethink the makeover.  Deciding to forgo any more painting, Karen remembered some fun gift bags she had that were printed to look like vintage newspaper.  She cut the bags into strips and decoupaged the paper onto the wooden parts of the chair.  She left the black metalwork as it was, and replaced the cushion with the black fabric she originally planned to use.  The “new” chair looks fantastic, and is definitely more interesting than what Karen had first planned.

The Salvaged Boutique decoupaged chair before

Visit The Salvaged Boutique to learn more about this rescue.

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