Tossed Away Tree Top Gets a Second Chance

When Sara from Thrifty Treasures spotted this tree top that had been thrown out, she was more than happy to give it a new home.  “When your tree lights stop working, don’t toss it, make a smaller tree!” she suggests.

Thrifty Treasures tree top before

A small tree for the front porch was something that Sara had wanted, so she knew exactly what to do with this one.  It didn’t have a base or stand, since it had originally been the top of a larger tree, so Sara filled a mosaic tin with cement, and set the tree in that.  “After straightening out the branches, my 5 year old daughter helped me decorate it with lights and silver bulbs,” she tells us.  It looks so festive on Sara’s front porch!  You’d never guess this was a rescue.

Thrifty Treasures tree top after

Find out more about this Christmas tree rescue at Thrifty Treasures.


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