Shoe Organizer Gets Repurposed for the Workroom

Over at Thrifty Treasures, Sara has been working on getting her basement organized.  She tells about one of her challenges, “I have tons of spindles and table legs that were just in a box and every time I would try to find something, it got a little frustrating.”

Thrifty Treasures closet organizer before

While organizing, Sara remembered the closet organizer she had, this cube designed to store shoes.  She realized that it could be the answer to her spindle frustrations.  Sara simply turned the shoe cubby on it’s side, and voila–an easy way to sort and store spindles!  Great idea, Sara!

Thrifty Treasures closet organizer after

Read more about this spindle organizer at Thrifty Treasures.


  1. Katie B says:

    Now I have that ZZ Top song stuck in my head… “she’s got legs, she knows how to use them”

  2. Kimberley R. says:

    Shoe organizers (24) also make a good advent calender!

  3. Perfect for storing those spindles & legs! I need to find one for all of mine. Unfortunately, I don’t have as many as Sara…
    Debbie :)

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