Rockin’ Around the Spindle Tree

What’s a girl to do with her collection of spindles when Christmas comes around?  Well, if you are Jeanette from Country Design Style, you use that collection to make a Christmas tree!

Country Design Style spindle tree before

Jeanette had many kinds, colors, and sizes of spindles from porch railings, chairs, cribs, and stairrails.  For this project, she arranged her collection by size, going from longest to shortest spindles.  Once the spindles were sorted, she screwed each one  into a 1×4 board.  With the longest spindles on bottom and the shortest on top, they made the shape of a classic pine tree.  Jeanette topped her spindle tree with a metal star, and put it on the porch, where it lends a very festive, junk-chic vibe.  Isn’t it creative?

Country Design Style spindle tree after

Learn more about this unique Christmas tree project at Country Design Style.


  1. Jeanette says:

    Beckie, thank you so much for featuring my spindle tree! I truly love making it and it was easy! Have a wonderful holiday. ~Jeanette

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