Raid the Closet this Year to Make Some Christmas Cheer

Wait, are you telling me that old clothes and wire hangers can’t be festive?  I beg to differ, and I’m happy to share evidence from Marty at Marty’s Musings to prove it!  She created a pretty Christmas wreath from old clothes and a wire hanger.

Marty's Musings rags before

After bending the hanger into a circle shape, Marty opened her Goodwill bag and selected a red sweater, both a white and red jersey shirt, a striped pattern, fabric from an old sheet and burlap.  She tells us, “I like mixing textures and colors, especially with the weight the burlap gives.”  She cut the clothing and linens into strips, then simply tied the strips onto the wire hanger base.   Adding a mini chalkboard to the center of the wreath completed the look.  What a happy wreath!

Marty's Musings rags after

Learn more about this project at Marty’s Musings.


  1. Carole H says:

    Love the wreath…and so easy even children can do this one! Great snowy day project!

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