Make Your Own Mercury Glass

There’s something very wintery about mercury glass.  Something about that crackled, silver finish reminds me of frosty windows and frozen ponds.  Dede from Designed Decor loves the look of mercury glass, too, but she doesn’t love the price tag.

Designed Decor mercury glass objects before

This year, Dede decided to try making her own faux mercury glass from vases and candlestick holders that she already had.  First, she gave the objects she’d collected a base coat of silver spray paint.  Dede explains the next step.  ”I used a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water, and sprayed it on the outside of my glass.  I let it sit for a minute or 2 and then used an old t-shirt to dab off the water drops.  I let the first application dry and then repeated the steps until I had the glass looking the way I wanted.”  The results produced these lovely, non-toxic decor items.

Designed Decor mercury glass objects after

Learn more about faux mercury finish at Designed Decor.


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