Lighting Dark Winter Nights with a Scrap Wood Lantern

Over at One Dog Woof, ChiWei had an abundance of scrap wood and a terrific idea: turn those scraps into a lamp!  If you’d like to make a similar project, she recommends using pieces of wood with straight sides and corners.

One Dog Woof scrap wood lantern before

For her lamp, ChiWei gathered her scrap wood and cut it into assorted small pieces.  After sanding each piece, she began arranging them into groupings that would form the sides of the lantern.  ” I pieced mine together so each piece sort of depended on the piece before it, and everything was slightly adjustable.  Also, it is helpful to create a 90 degree frame to build up against, so you know your panel will be square,” she explains.  Once she had the blocks arranged, ChiWei glued them together.  She cut a base for the lamp and installed a a basic lamp kit.  The result is a beautifully unique lantern-style lamp that will be perfect for long, winter nights.

One Dog Woof scrap wood lantern after

Visit One Dog Woof to get all the details on this project.


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