Hanging the Stockings Upon Old Cupboard Doors

When Amy’s brother found a free Craigslist listing of cupboard doors, she had no idea what she’d do with all of them.  “I liked the hardware on them and figured why not get them for that alone!” she says at her blog, Junque Chic.

Junque Chic 5 cupboard door before

Next came the fun part:  deciding how to used these cabinet doors.  Amy selected two doors for this festive project.  After removing all of the hinges and hardware, she painted each of these doors.  She sanded the edges to make them look slightly more rustic.  Then, she added a line from a beloved Christmas poem, and finished off each door with hooks for the children’s stockings.  So cute!

Junque Chic 5 cupboard door after

Find out more about this Christmas upcycling project at Junque Chic.

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6 thoughts on “Hanging the Stockings Upon Old Cupboard Doors

  1. Now this is just genius!! We don’t have a fireplace or mantel to hang stockings from and no lie, just yesterday I was thinking how cute stockings would look if only we had a place to put them!

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