From Paint Sticks to Christmas Wreaths

Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof confesses that the last time she bought paint at Home Depot, she may–or may not–have exceeded her quota of free paint stirring sticks.  But they were for a good cause!  She needed them for a Christmas project.

Home Depot paint sticks

The lightweight paint sticks provided just the right material to make the wreath forms Jenna needed.   First, Jenna painted the sticks dark green.  Then she hot glued the sticks into the shapes she wanted for her wreaths–squares and stars.  The other material Jenna needed for her wreaths was free, too.  She simply clipped off branches from the large evergreen tree in her yard, and hot glued those onto the paint stick frames.  Jenna used some simple, gold ribbon to hang the wreaths.  Aren’t they lovely?

Rain on a Tin Roof paint stick evergreen wreaths

Read Jenna’s instructions to make wreaths like these–and a star wreath, too–at Rain on a Tin Roof.


  1. Erin says:

    Those are adorable!!

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