Faux Snow Centerpiece

“I’m a texture girl,” claims Amy at Stow & Tell U, “and I couldn’t help but try and diy-up some faux snow for the holidays.  I saved up a bunch of soup cans from Thanksgiving and put together a faux snow centerpiece.”

Stow & Tell U soup cans before

After cleaning and removing labels from the empty soup cans, Amy changed up their look a bit by painting some of them so that they looked more rustic.  After some experimentation, she came up with a recipe for a highly textural paint, that took on the dimensional appearance of snow.  She let it “drip” over the top of the cans, giving a snow-topped effect.  Candles, cinnamon sticks, and pine boughs completed the centerpiece.  How lovely!

Stow & Tell U soup cans after

Learn Amy’s recipe for snow-textured paint at Stow & Tell U.

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