Easy to Make Serving Tray from Peppermint Candy

At That’s What Che Said, Cheryl remembers making ornaments out of melted peppermints back in her Girl Scout days.  ” I got to thinking…why can’t I make them into a tiered serving tray instead?”

Peppermints before

It was easy to pull together the materials to make a couple of serving trays.  All Cheryl needed was peppermints, glue, a few kitchen supplies, and some dollar store candle holders.  (Thrifted candlesticks or ones you already have on hand would work well, too.)  Cheryl unwrapped the peppermints and used a springform pan as a circular guide to place the peppermints inside.  Then she put the peppermints in a low heated oven until they had just melted together.  Once cooled, the mints made a hard, flat circle that could be glued atop a candle holder to create a festive tray.  I definitely have to try this!

That's What Che Said peppermint serving tray

To get detailed instructions for making peppermint candy trays of your own, visit That’s What Che Said.

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