Dated Artwork Becomes Pretty Corkboard

DeDe from Designed Decor decided that it was time to give this date piece of artwork new life.  Since she wasn’t using it as it was, Dede turned it into something that she could use:  a corkboard.

Designed Decor corkboard before

To repurpose this framed art, DeDe took apart the picture and removed the glass insert.  She painted the ugly brown parts of the frame with Sherwin William’s “Gray Area.”  She decided to paint her cork insert the same color, which really dressed up the corkboard.  To beef up the corkboard a little, she used some foam batting underneath the cork.  ”I decided to use it to hang jewelry,” DeDe says.  ”I needed a new display piece for my shop, so this one was it.”  Looks great!

Designed Decor corkboard after

Get all the details on this artwork repurposed into a pretty corkboard at Designed Decor.

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