Cute Gift Idea: Hexagon Thumbtacks

Need a gift idea that’s inexpensive and fun to make?  Steph shares an idea over at Crafting in the Rain that fits the bill.  She started with a few small hexagon tile mosaics that she found at a thrift shop.  If you don’t have any of these leftover from another project, you can buy these inexpensively at the local home improvement store.

Crafting in the Rain hexagon tiles before

To turn these tiles into thumbtacks, Steph simply glued the tiles onto the heads of basic thumbtacks using E6000 glue.  The hexagon thumbtacks are cute as is, but she took it a step further by decorating the plain white tiles.  She drew on some of them with a gold Sharpie.  On others, Steph used vinyl leftover from other projects to add letters and graphics.  This is a simple project that can be personalized for gifts, and definitely one that older kids could be involved in making.

Crafting in the Rain hexagon tiles after

Click over to Crafting in the Rain to get all the details on this fun way to reuse small tiles.


  1. Carole H says:

    Another great easy idea! Love it!

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