Christmas Card Display from Cooling Racks

Over at R&R Workshop, Rachel had 3 cooling racks in her cupboard that were supposed to be stackable, but she really only used one.  She explains, “One day while thinking what I could use them for, I thought they would be perfect to display our Christmas cards from friends & family!”

Cooling Rack before

It was easy to turn the cooling racks into a Christmas card display.  Rachel simply bent the legs of the racks so that they would lay flat against the wall.  She put nails on the wall to hang the racks, and dressed up the racks with some festive ribbon.   Rachel dressed up some clothespins to attach the cards to the cooling rack.  I love it!  What a great way to get some extra use from something that was taking up space in the kitchen cupboards.

R&R Workshop christmas card display after

Get more details on this project at R&R Workshop.

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