Refreshing Christmas Decor

For the past few years, DeDe at Designed Decor has been incorporating these glass globe bowls in her Christmas decor.  This year, she planned to make a few changes.  ”As I was bringing up the bowls this year, I stacked them on each other to carry them up from the basement and guess what:  Ding Ding Ding ~ they looked like a snowman!”  she says.

Designed Decor snowman before

That was all the inspiration DeDe needed to turn these glass bowls into a snowman.  Since they’ve been so useful, she didn’t want to paint them white permanently.  Instead, she used spray foam on the inside of the bowls to turn them frosty white.  They spray foam can be easily cleaned up for future use.  She stacked the bowls, snowman style, and dressed him up with a hat, buttons, and a ribbon scarf.  Adorable!

Designed Decor snowman after

Find out more about this project at Designed Decor.


  1. Carole H says:

    I absolutely love, love, love your blog. So many easy great ideas! The snowman made from bowls is especially adorable. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas!

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