All the Fun of a Christmas Tree with None of the Needles

Remember the old window screen I showed you earlier today that got dressed up for Christmas?  Here’s  another one!  This one comes from Amy at Into Vintage.

Into Vintage vintage ornaments before

This project made use of two things that Amy already had on hand: an old window screen and some beautiful vintage Christmas tree ornaments.  Inspired by vintage ornaments hanging for display on an old screen at an antique shop, she went a step further with hers.  Instead of hanging the ornaments haphazardly, Amy made the outline of a Christmas tree with string on the screen, and hung the ornaments inside.  She arranged them so that when the string outline was removed, the ornaments themselves would form a Christmas tree.  Genius!

Into Vintage vintage ornaments after

Learn more about this fun Christmas project at Into Vintage.



  1. Shelly says:

    What an absolutely fun idea!

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