A Wooden Sled Just for Christmas

Over at Simply Country Life, Adina came home with a truckload of all kinds of things her mom didn’t want anymore after a recent visit.  This small wood and metal sled was one of them.

Simple Country Life sled before

Adina decided that with a little sprucing up, the sled could be a pretty part of her Christmas decor.  First, she made a wreath from pine branches and attached it to the sled.  Next, she used a template to stencil the word “believe” onto the sled with some white paint.  After the paint dried, Adina lightly distressed the sled with sandpaper.  Some red gingham fabric became a bow for the wreath, and the sled makeover was complete!  I want one of these for my porch!

Simple Country Life sled after

Visit Simply Country Life to see more pictures of this Christmas sled.

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