A Paintbrush (Or Two) Went Into the Making of This Star

Jeanette from Country Design Style has a confession to make:  she hates cleaning paintbrushes.  When she can, she gets dollar store brushes and only uses them once, so she won’t have to bother with getting all the paint out of them!  Recently, Jeanette decided there was another way to get some use out of all of those dried up paintbrushes.

Country Design Style paintbrush star before

And you’ll never guess that Christmas decor was the way!  She took the paintbrushes and laid them out in the shape of a star.  Using hot glue, she glued them together in that shape.  Jeanette notes that the hole in the handle of each paintbrush provided a perfect means to hang her new star on the wall.  She says, “The dried paintbrush star is hanging in my craft room for the holidays.  There is old springs from a bench with bulbs to form a Christmas tree and a clothespin star, plus a measuring tape star.”  It’s a lovely vignette, perfect for a craft room at Christmastime!

Country Design Style paintbrush star after

Learn more about this festive way to reuse dried paintbrushes at Country Design Style.

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