Rustic Fall Sign Made from Reclaimed Wood

At Design, Dining + Diapers, Taryn was putting together a pretty Autumn vignette.  “After having it almost complete I felt that it was lacking a statement piece, so I went into my garage to see what I had to work with,” she says.  In the garage, a simple piece of stained wood caught Taryn’s eye, and inspiration struck.

Design Dining Diapers fall sign before

The piece of wood was six feet long, and already stained in a Kona stain by Rusteolum.  Taryn cut it evenly into two foot planks.  She secured the boards together to create a rectangular sign.  The next step was applying vinyl lettering to the sign board, that spelled out “FALL.”  She used the lettering as a reverse stencil, brushing over it with white paint, then peeling the letters away so that the stained wood underneath showed through.  It was the perfect addition to Taryn’s Fall vignette, and best of all, it was FREE!

Design Dining Diapers fall sign

Taryn offers a step-by-step tutorial so that you can make a sign like this, too, at Design, Dining + Diapers.

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