Old Sweaters Become a Wintry Wreath

At Design, Dining + Diapers, Taryn found these sweaters on a 50% clearance at…wait for it…Goodwill.  At a price she couldn’t refuse, Taryn took them home for a cold winter’s night of crafting.

Design Dining Diapers sweaters before

And that night of crafting produced a cozy sweater wreath.  For the base of the sweater, Taryn used a large straw wreath.  She cut one of the sweaters into wide strips, and wrapped those around the wreath form.  She made a bow from the collar of the sweater.  The finished wreath isn’t just lovely, it’s extremely versatile.  It works not just for Christmas, but for all of the winter holidays.  Great job, Taryn!

Design Dining Diapers sweaters after

See the tutorial for this sweater wreath at Design, Dining + Diapers.

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