From Drawer to Footstool

Occasionally, seasoned Roadkill Rescuers encounter the phenomenon of extra drawers.  In Beth’s case, she found a dresser on the side of the road that was in horrible shape except the drawers, which were completely fine.  She shares her idea for rescuing drawers over at her blog, Pickles In My Tea & In My Soup.

Pickles in My Tea and Soup drawer before

The first step in transforming this drawer was to buy four unfinished furniture feet from Lowe’s.  The feet and drawer were painted a pale blue before Beth attached a foot to each of the corners of the bottom of the drawer.  She had her husband cut a piece of plywood that would cover the open top of the drawer.  Beth upholstered that with padding and pretty fabric, and attached it to the drawer.  She left the drawer pull on front for some whimsy.  Adorable!

Pickles in My Tea and Soup drawer after

Get more details on this footstool made from a drawer at Pickles In My Tea & In My Soup.

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5 thoughts on “From Drawer to Footstool

  1. Ha ha I have the exact same drawers at home (in an old bureau). They belong to a very old baby bureau i got long, long ago.. I am going to turn it into a bathroom towel/supply holder. Love the rescue and may try a little cat bed with your idea at some point.

  2. This is really a great idea and I am intrigued by it! One thing that I’d try to do is keep the top unattached so it could be removed for storage. The drawer would be a super place to stash magazines or craft supplies.

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