Plastic Easter Eggs Morph Into Autumn Acorns

At her blog, Becoming Martha, Sarah shares a delightful idea for repurposing and reusing some typical Spring decor for the current season, Fall.  She figured out how to turn plastic Easter eggs into Autumn acorns!


After gathering her stash of plastic eggs, Sarah sorted out the ones that were very pastel, and reserved the colors that seemed to be a bit more fall-ish:  orange, green, yellow, and white.  She used glue to help her attach twine to the top half of the eggs, wrapping it around until it resembled an acorn’s charming hat.  After creating these acorns, Sarah went a step further and stuffed treats and Bible verses inside of them, for a sweet surprise.  This could be such a fun idea for a favor if you are having children come to your home for Thanksgiving, this year!


View a tutorial for turning Easter Eggs into Autumn Acorns at Becoming Martha.

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