Damaged Mirror Becomes a Fun Way to Count Blessings

April from House by Hoff was lucky to snag this mirror from a garage sale last summer, for free.  “I had expressed interest, and after it didn’t sell, it got rescued from the Goodwill pile and delivered to my house!!!” she says happily.

House by Hoff mirror before

The glass was somewhat damaged, so when April needed a pretty painted backdrop for a Thanksgiving project, she didn’t feel bad about using the free mirror.  She painted chalkboard paint right over the glass.  Next, she painted the frame around it with a creamy white.  She used chalk to draw a bare tree on the chalkboard with the words, “We are Thankful.”  April crafted small leaves from burlap that can be taken on and off the tree and moved around.  Adorable!

House by Hoff mirror after

Visit House by Hoff to get more details on this Thanksgiving rescue project.

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