Bag This Wreath While You Can!

Nancy blogs at It’s So Much Fun Watchin’ God.  She and her family buy their groceries at a store that sends them home in plain tan plastic bags.  Recently, Nancy figured out how to turn those bags into a wreath for Fall.

It's So Much Fun Watching God plastic bag before - Copy

The first step in making this wreath is to make the form for the wreath, and Nancy found that a flimsy wire coat hanger works best for this.  After bending the hanger into a circle, she cut many plastic bags into rectangular shapes.  These rectangles she tied into knots on the wire circle.  Adding many of these knotted pieces of plastic creates a fluffy wreath.  Nancy notes that while the wreath is pretty as it is, it would also be fun to embellish it with seasonal items.  What a great way to keep those plastic bags out of the landfill!

It's So Much Fun Watching God plastic bag after

Get more details on this wreath made from plastic shopping bags at It’s So Much Fun Watchin’ God.

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9 thoughts on “Bag This Wreath While You Can!

  1. This has got to be the most frugal amazing wreath (also coffee filters is right up there), it looks gorgeous.tfs

  2. How appropriate that such a blog should feature my junk! My husband and I regularly scour the road for ‘road kill’. lol. Thanks for the feature, Beckie. I came home from church – by way of a heretofore unexplored road that turned into a paved cow trail (seriously, a one lane path) to discover 465 hits since last night! You’re amazing!
    (Oh, you can tell when a junker has too much stuff… we left a perfectly wonderful wicker chair on the side of the road because we had not place to put it!… that was HARD!)

  3. Hi Beckie,
    1300 hits on this project so far! Thanks for sending people my way! Maybe it’s time to make another project? hmmmm… What shall it be? Maybe I’ll peruse your blog and see if it provides any inspiration.

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