Sometimes All That Glitters Is Gold…But You Still Don’t Want It!

At Homework, Carolyn shares how she rescued a little table that used to belong to her father-in-law.  “Based on the underside of the table and the inside of the little cabinet, I believe it was once plain dark wood,” she says.  “At some point the gold leaf effect was added. We’ve been using the table in our living room and even though gold is making a comeback, it didn’t really match anything in our house.”

Homework gold leaf table before

Since the peeling gold leaf was just a little too much for Carolyn’s taste, she decided to tone it down with a coat of white paint.  Before she covered it in white, Carolyn used Frog Tape’s Shape Tape in chevron to tape off a diamond pattern on the front and sides of the little table.  After painting it white, she peeled away the Shape Tape to reveal the pretty pattern in rustic gold leaf.  Amazing, right?

Homework gold leaf table after

Read more about this beautiful table rescue at Homework.

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